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The Necks
Celebrating 30 years of making a new piece of music every time they step on stage. Returning to UK/Europe/Scandinavia 11-30 May 2019. Late 2019 return around mid October-early November
Alexander Hawkins
Iron Into Wind solo album released on Intakt 1 February 2019. New trio with Nicole Mitchell and Tomeka Reid. Alexander Hawkins/Elaine Mitchener Quartet, and duos with Evan Parker / John Surman / Sofia Jernberg.
New album on BMC label early 2019. First heard at Jazzdor 2016, qOOlp is a German-French epic - Christian Lillinger, Ronny Graupe, Theo and Valentin Ceccaldi.
Touring May 2019 with new album. "a sound defined, refined, whose skeleton is made between dust and grace notes" CarnageNews.com
Australian Art Orchestra
AAO presented Crossing Roper Bar at Jazzahead 2015 - their ground-breaking collaboration with the Young Wagilak Group of South East Arnhem Land, custodians of one of the oldest cultures on earth.
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Nick Malcolm
Nick Malcolm releases Real Isn't Real on 1st February 2019, and tours with new Quartet jade February, March and April 2019.