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Alexander Hawkins
Una meraviglia obliquamente luminosa. Il futuro gli appartiene -Kathodik. Trio touring Carnival Celestial March & April 2024. Duo Musho with Sofia Jernberg touring May 2024 -their Intakt album to be released 19 April 2024.
Kamilya Jubran, Werner Hasler
Kamilya Jubran, oud & vocals and Werner Hasler, trumpet & electronics- Extend WA explorations continue, with a premiere in Turkiye March 2024.
The Necks
Click pic to get new agent information. The Necks and I have parted ways. Its been a pleasure working with them for 17 years & hearing them live for over 30.
current publicity campaigns
Helen Svoboda
Australian-Finnish bassist/vocalist Helen Svoboda's The Odd River released 22 September, on Earshift Music. Touring plans for Scandinavia early 2024
.................coming soon
2 new albums out of Budapest on BMC Records. Dropping March or soon after!