go steady productions
one-offs & occasionals
Fake Clouds! pandemic activity, painting, teasing credibility. Does it all need to be believeable? What keeps the eye moving and returning?
curated series with Vortex, London exceptional trios 1 Tuesday a month through 2014
Produced and directed 14 episodes of live music -Sons of Kemet, Township Coments and Sol6- from Vortex Jazz Club Dalston, commissioned by BBC and Arts Council of England for pilot of The Space 2012
Working with musicians to refine and polish project concept, image and public engagement. Naming Match & Fuse was key to building its momentum. Sadly seems the UK mothership is lost.
For London Pools Campaign, designing and implementing information gathering, public engagement and media attention for dire state of London pools: Swimming Detectives (90 volunteer swimmers surveying all pools) and Golden Goggles Awards to best pools, hit the news.