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Alexander Hawkins
Trio's Carnival Celestial "vpravde brilantni" HisVoice.cz. Trio touring again mid December. Right now a packed July & August for Alexander in various projects.
Kamilya Jubran, Werner Hasler
Kamilya Jubran, oud & vocals and Werner Hasler, trumpet & electronics- Extend WA were stunning at San Sebastian Musika dena eta ez dena festibala. Touring again in November..Ghent and Katowice, Kamilya solo at Utrecht's Le Guess Who?
The Necks
The Necks and I have parted ways. Its been a pleasure working with them for 17 years & hearing them live for over 30.
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Helen Svoboda
Australian-Finnish bassist/vocalist Helen Svoboda's The Odd River is released on 22 September, on Earshift Music. The natural and unnatural collide, uncanny and compelling.
Nite Bjuti
Nite Bjuti are vocalist Candice Hoyes, sound chemist Val Jeanty and bassist Mimi Jones, the US-based Afro-Caribbean improvising trio and their debut album. Released on 28 July. Intimate connections and driving impulses, including the impulse to dance
The Vampires & Chris Abrahams
The Vampires invited Chris Abrahams, pianist with The Necks, to join them on their 7th album Nightjar, Earshift Music. "..love this dry, warm, well balanced, super delicious and perfect sound" Jazz Special DK