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The Necks
Return to Europe, sometime in 2022, pandemic permitting. Happy to hear any interest and we will start to plan tour timetable.
Alexander Hawkins
LIVE concerts on again! Stockholm, Tampere and Le Guess Who and touring with Angelika Niescier coming up, and Artistic Director Montreux Jazz Academy. New sextet album on Intakt January 2022, Alexander Hawkins Mirror Canon Break A Vase
current publicity campaigns
Andrew Woodhead
Pendulums music for bellringers improvisers and electronics, an ambitious and beautifully executed project in the resonant chamber of St. Pauls Church Birmingham
Harcsa, Razvalyaeva & Fenyvesi
Debussy Now! Released on BMC Records, Debussy's chansons reimagined by 2 jazz musicians, singer Veronika Harcsa and guitarist/sound designer Márton Fenyvesi, and classically-trained harpist Anastasia Razvalyaeva.
Aki Takase and Daniel Erdmann
Isn't It Romantic? Out on BMC Records, a duo of two 2021 Deutsche Jazz Preis winners, last heard together on Aki Takase Japanic 2019.
Australian Art Orchestra
Hand to Earth The oldest living culture on earth, ancestors and country carried in the voice, meets improvisers and electronics.